Multi-Events – Absolute Productivity

Today we will talk about a very important concept for those who organize several conferences simultaneously – multi-events

Most organizers have to jump between different pages, different users or dispersed management services. It is very important to minimize all of the less productive aspects of conference management and increase the efficiency of organizers and participants. This productivity increase can be easily achieved if you choose a platform that operates with the multi-event concept.

This increase in efficiency will free up your time to focus on other management issues that do not depend on the management of registrations, payments and communications. It will also free you from dependence on third-party services if you offer a more comprehensive service.

If you have the opportunity, use a multi-event platform that allows you to manage multiple clients/organizations simultaneously! If you can get this platform to do a collection of registrations, communications, mailings and billing, the better! If you can get this platform to manage the conference site as well: nirvana!

How does having everything aggregated make life easier for the organizer?
Having a single access to the software makes you stop wasting time jumping between different interfaces: searching for passwords/accessions, addresses, remembering handling flows, etc. When well developed, you can switch between events without much difficulty. If you gather several functionalities you no longer need to migrate data between different platforms – which increases the possibility of non-compliance with the participants’ data protection policy.

How does this solution help participants?
Participant data tends to be more secure, with no need for data exchange between third-party software/computers. For the case of software bundling several functionalities it also avoids splitting efforts between dispersed areas and usually tends to have a personal area with access to several conference functionalities (registration, summaries, rates, billing data, payments, etc) and event history if it is recurrent.

Is it easy to find these platforms in the market?
Yes. There are many software companies that deal with multi-events simultaneously. Especially those that have been in the market for more years. Each one with specific ways of working.

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