Are electronic payments in conference management software secure?

Promoting scientific conferences on the Internet is a practice with little more than 20 years and the use of conference management software has become more common in the last 10 years. Nowadays, the vast majority of conference management platforms allow electronic payment by credit card in a perfectly safe and effective way but, it has not always been so…

Few remember the early days of the Internet. It was very common to send credit card data via email. Until a few years ago, some conference managers collected the card data in the database (in a non-secure way) – or sent the collected data to the organization’s e-mail, where it was later manipulated. Without realizing it, participants were collaborating in this security flaw that could easily be the target of fraud.

Before event management software, credit card payments were also processed, but the data was sent by fax, letter or telephone, and then manipulated in the rudimentary interfaces that existed online.

Today, with the increase in the number of credible and cheap payment interfaces, security for participants has increased dramatically. Organizers have also benefited from this evolution, the process has been simplified and automated – being more efficient in charging their fees and checking the validity of credit cards.

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