Scientific Societies – catalysers of major conferences

Science is represented worldwide by a complex network of several public and private entities that promote scientific teaching. Despite this complexity and conceptual differences, there are entities with an integrating role in civil society, Scientific Associations or Societies. These entities promote teachings and activities that stimulate the taste for science, being essential in sharing, empathy, unification and seriousness. These qualities work as a powerful aggregator of professionals from the most diverse mediums (schools, academia, research, industry, media, politics, etc.) who end up dynamizing and/or getting actively involved in their organizations.

The role of these entities is very important in all countries by creating scientific ties with their counterparts in other countries and/or by affiliating with Iberian, European, intercontinental, worldwide entities, etc.

In all scientific areas it is possible to watch this dynamism in the organization of specialized events – where people share knowledge, ideas, contacts and partnerships are established between the different actors.

It is rare for a scientific congress to be organized by a University, Hotel or Congress Centre that does not have the institutional endorsement of at least one Scientific Association or Society of the area of expertise, and therefore the collaboration of Scientific Associations and Societies in the organization and/or dissemination of events is essential.