The importance of having integrated invoicing in conference management

Those who organize conferences understand that the management of fees and invoicing is vital to the success of the conference. A conference without working capital is not able to adjudicate the services for its execution. Billing is therefore a priority and, if possible, with speed, security and transparency!

The vast majority of conferences held in Portugal do not use invoicing software integrated into the management of the participants. It is important to assure participants that their registration is fluid and transparent. It’s also very important to guarantee that their data will not be shared, extracted and manipulated without any control. Unfortunately, this still happens at most events!

What are the advantages of an integrated approach to invoicing in conference management?

  • convenience – it allows, in the same space as the participant’s registration, access to billing documents;
  • security and respect for data protection – prevents data manipulation and migration of data to other programs;
  • administrative process minimization – reduces many processes in data manipulation and migration that would otherwise consume several weeks of extra work. In electronic payments (PayPal and credit card) human intervention is no longer necessary as they can be generated automatically;
  • less bureaucracy – fewer actors from the data entry stage to the moment of gathering the accounting documents;
  • better control of payments (paid/non-paid) vs invoicing – better payment management: what is paid is invoiced immediately;
  • greater speed between payment and the issued invoice – in electronic payments the invoice is automatic and even in manual emissions there is no migration or manipulation of data, so it increases the time reduction in this process; integrate electronic payments with invoicing – as already mentioned, it makes the notion of electronic payment more real. What is paid by credit card automatically generates an invoice and the registration is marked as paid;
  • dematerialization – the invoices can be available in an area reserved for the participant or be sent by email.

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